STEAM Day! Friday, January 26th, 2018

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  • All students will participate in 3 courses and the Main Event. When registration opens on DECEMBER 1st, 9am, it will be on a first come first served basis for course selection based on availability.
  • Note: courses will fill quickly, so in planning, be prepared with a list of a few of your child's favorites. 
  • Questions?  Contact Jayme Tirres, STEAM DAY Chair (

Course Descriptions - Preview List


Biotechnology - Grades 3-5

Learn about genetic mutations, fingerprint scanning and other bio tech topics in this hands on presentation.


Brainbow - Grades 3-5

Welcome to Brainbow! The coolest class EVER!! Prepare to see rainbows and learn how they form, then watch in awe as colors explode in front of your very own eyes! As we dive deeper we will learn how the sky is blue and yet the sunset is orange! With all that under our multi-colored belt we will finally be able to take home a picture that we drew with colors made of natural ingredients!


Bubbleology - Grades K-2

Explore the scientific mysteries of bubbles! Have you ever wanted to stand inside a giant bubble? Would you like to hold a fog-filled bubble and see a puff of 'smoke' when they pop? Then what are you waiting for? Join us to learn the science behind bubbles!!


Cyber Safety - Grades 3-5

The Internet allows us to learn, work, socialize and play in ways we never imagined.  As people and devices become more connected via the Internet using mobile apps and cloud services, it is important that we learn about Cyber Safety just like we learn about Physical Safety.  The objectives of the Cyber Safety session are threefold:

- Help students understand the importance of cybersecurity in their everyday lives

- Equip students with skills to better protect themselves on the Internet

- Encourage students to apply cyber ethics principles in their online interactions


Dinosaur Fossils/Paleontology - Grades K-2

Explore the exciting career of being a paleontologist. What is a dinosaur and how do we know they existed. Explore the methods used to find out what dinosaurs ate and how they behaved? What is it like to be a paleontologist? Sift through sand to identify common Central Texas fossils. Can you put some “dino bones” together to form a prehistoric animal?


Drones: How flying robots will change your world! - Grades K-5

Let's learn about drones - what they are, how they are being used, discuss the possibilities for the future, and, of course, see a drone in action!


ER Medicine - Grades K-5

Emergency Medicine: Who wants to know how to save lives? Let's learn how stitch up peoples cuts! Did you know we can use a stapler on people's skin? Learn how stop a bleeding wound! Do you know how to recognize when someone is choking? Now you can learn how to help save them! Listen to cool heart sounds! Learn how to perform CPR and how to shock someone's heart!


Hogwarts Potions 101 - Grades 3-5

Calling all wizards!  This course will teach you how to make Butter Beer!  Become Harry Potter and come have a blast!!

NOTE: Milk products consumed and essential oils used in this class.


How Cold is Cold - Grades K-5

You've all been cold. It's gotten below zero here in Austin and much colder in other places around the world. We'll start with something that rivals the the coldest place on earth and then get even colder. Come learn all about temperatures and the properties of materials at low temperatures. We'll even show how you can make ice cream in less than a minute.

NOTE: Milk products are served in this session.


How to Fix a Broken Heart - Grades K-5

Get dressed for surgery in your mask, gloves and gown and join us in the operating room. Examine the parts of a real heart and learn to sew and tie knots during your operation. Hear your blood flow through your arteries and see the tools used to save people from a heart attack. It’s a real hands on experience.

NOTE: Class may not be those who get queezy easily.


Keen for Clean - Grades K-2

Calling all superheroes!  Let's take action!  Fight the germs!  Be a superhero.  Come and make toothpaste with us!  And, want nice smelling breath?  We'll make mouthwash too.  Plus we have a very special prize just for you!  Let's fight evil with Keen for Clean!


Know Bones About It - Grades K-5

Let's fix some bones! Find out how to build strong bones and how to fix broken ones. Bone up on reading X-rays, first aid techniques, and leave with a real cast on your arm!


Layers of Volcanoes - Grades K-5

Come learn about volcanoes and what causes them to erupt.


Lego Battle Bots - Grades K-5

Have you ever wanted to build a robot and compete in a bashing robot battle. In this class you will be put into groups to build a Lego robot with attack mechanisms and defenses. Once the build period is done, the groups will compete with each other to push the other robots out of a ring or disable them from continuing. Students will learn the engineering design process by trying their different attachments in competition and finding what doesn't work then changing it so it is better.


Matter Matters - Grades 3-5

Learn all about the states of matter as we work with solids, liquids, and gasses, and even things in between, in our awesome Matter stations!  Matter matters!

NOTE: Class may include contact with latex gloves, food coloring, soap and bubble solution.


Microvolts to Megavolts - Grades K-5

In this class, you get to learn about really cool stuff like - How do we get the signals from our brains to our muscles so we can walk, talk, or ride bicycles? What is it that makes my cell phone work? Do electrons attract or repel each other? And . . . you get to see your friend's hair stand on end!


Polymer Possibilities - Grades 3-5

Welcome to Polymer Possibilities! In this class we will play with all things squishy and slimy as we make worms and jiggling jelly crystals, “grow” an alligator, and more, as we learn about the nature of plastic, rubber, and all things possible with polymers!

NOTE: Class includes contact with latex gloves, water absorbing polymers.


Programming and Driving EV3 - Grades 3-5

In this class you are going to learn how to program a Lego robot with only the control brick. As well as learn how to control the robot through a maze using a remote controller. You will get to compete against each other to see who can get farther through the maze and who can drive through the obstacle course fastest.


Radical Reactions - Grades K-5

Why are reactions "radical?" Things like explosions are chemical reactions. Everything around you can react. We will explain why things react the way they do and you'll have a chance to try some cool experiments!


Rock N' Roll Ice Cream - Grades K-2

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Have you ever wanted to make homemade ice cream and eat it, too?  Now you can, while learning about the science of Ice Cream!  Let’s find out about the scientific method, the freezing point, and other “cool” things!

NOTE: Milk products are served in this session.


Rockets: to the Moon, Mars and Beyond - Grades K-5

That's right, we're talking rockets! Help us build and launch a rocket.  Do you really know what makes a rocket leave Earth and fly through space? Join us and learn the science behind rocketry.  Be a part of extending Texas' lead in putting astronaut boots on extra terrestrial soil first!

WARNING: Rocket launch may have loud noise.


ScribbleBots - Grades 3-5

Do you like to build things? Are you interested in robots? Do you want to build your own robot? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then ScribbleBots is the science fest course for you! In this class you will learn about how robots work, and you will even get to build your own robot! Every single student gets to take home their robot creation! If you like robots, come to the ScribbleBots course!


Secrets of the Sea - Grades K-2

Did you know that scientists know more about the surface of Mars than they do about the ocean?  Come learn about what makes up 70% of your how planet!  You will even get to tak home your own "Jellyfish in a Bottle" and get cool prizes for answering questions to an ocean themed trivia game!


Siege the Day with Catapults - Grades K-5

For every action, there is an equal reaction. We'll build and play with catapults and trebuchets, launching marshmallows through the air as we put Sir Isaac Newtons laws of gravity, inertia, and motion! After competing in various games the kids will get to follow us outside for a special surprise! How far can YOU launch it?


Smile Craft - Grades K-5

Have lots of surprising fun while learning how to build a healthy smile for life! Come find out about the battle that goes on everyday between your teeth, food you eat and the bacteria that lives there. See how a purple tablet can show you where your plaque hides and learn how to eliminate it with your toothbrush!

NOTE: Students will have oportunity to chew purple plaque tablet in class.


Snakes: Cold-Blooded Friends or Foes - Grades K-5

Snakes, anyone? Whether you're just curious or want to actually hold a live snake, you'll love this course! Texas is home to more than 70 different species of snakes, and a few of them will be visiting Bridge Point Elementary. Which ones call Austin home and which ones are venomous? Learn how to tell the difference and also learn about what they eat, where they live, where to look for them. And most importantly, what to do when you find them!


Spa Day Science - Grades K-5

Learn the science behind one of today's favorite spa treatments. Make bath bombs to take home!

NOTE: Essential oils, food coloring and corn starch are used in this class.


Sphero Robotics - Grades 3-5

In this class you will learn how to program and drive Spheros. Navigate through a maze and/or create a cover for the Sphero to compete in soccer matches.


Star Light, Star Bright - Grades K-5

Are you fascinated by stars? Do you ever look up in the sky at night and wonder what stars are? Come sit in the StarLab provided by the Austin Science and Nature Center and learn about your favorite stars and constellations and discover where they are located in the sky.


Super Soda Fountains - Grades K-2

Ever wonder what will happen when you mix soda and mentos? An explosion of fun! At the super soda fountain station we will be learning and exploring the amazing world of the 'soda and mentos experiment'!


The Main Event

It's a surprise!


The Science of Slime - Grades K-2

Learn about the science of slime while getting to experience it yourself.  We will use safe materials.


Try This at Home Science - Grades 3-5

DO try this at home, kids! You may need a little help from your parents, but learn about and take part in experiments that are really cool and fun. You can then try them at home and amaze your family and friends!


Veternarian Medicine - Grades 3-5

Love animals and dream of being a veterinarian? Learn about what veterinarians do and about a variety of animals who will be on hand to examine!

NOTE: Students provided with hand sanitizer after touching animals.


When Life Gives You Lemons - Grades K-2

Learn cool fun experiments with the science of lemons. Do you want to know how to make your own invisible ink? Learn how to blow balloons up, and make your own soda? And learn so much more about lemons and how amazing they are?  Then sign up for "When Life Gives You Lemons ...."


Wild About Wildlife - Grades K-5

Pet a rabbit! Touch a snake! Smell a ferret! Watch a turtle. Meet Nature and Science Center residents up close and personal. We're talking real live creatures here! Examine differences and similarities between mammals, birds and reptiles.

NOTE: Students provided with hand sanitizer after touching animals.


Zoo Show from Capital of Texas Zoo - Grades K-5

The Capital of Texas Zoo presents the Zoo Show, a fun and educational program featuring small animals from around the world. Each animal is presented to the group, and their natural history is discussed, with volunteers from the audience helping with some of the animals. Animals can include capybaras, kinkajous, boa constrictors, parrots and much more.

NOTE: Students provided with hand sanitizer after touching animals.