• BUY YOUR BINGO CARDS ONLINE AND SAVE 50%! Online card sales are now open and will end on Monday, February 4th, at noon.  
  • This is a family-friendly school event on February 7th from 5-8 pm at BPE. All proceeds go to support our BPE Booster Club. 
  • Chick-fil-A will be available for food (cash or credit card) as well as candy and drinks at concessions (cash only)
  • ** We need VOLUNTEERS to help with this fun family event! Please register to volunteer, and then buy your Bingo cards. 




Have fun while raising money for BPE!  Click HERE to see all of the party options and details, and reserve a spot!  We have grade-level parties for the kids, and also have moms night out and couples party options! 
Each party has a description of the event including activity, date and venue. Sales are final but you can re-sell your spot to someone else.  Please contact the host listed with any questions.
Thank you Lynn Bonsky for coordinating the details for ALL of these parties, and compiling such a great variety of events for everyone!!

recorders for 3 - 5th grades - purchase online 

Dear 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Parents:

We are going to start playing recorder in music class this month (January).  All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students play recorders for music. FOR RETURNING 4th and 5th Grade Students, Please encourage your child to bring their recorder to school

Some of you purchased a recorder over the summer with your child’s school supplies and we have that list of students, so they will receive their recorder in class. If you did not purchase a recorder over the summer and your child does not already have a recorder you can purchase one here. Scroll down to the Event, Sales, & Donations section and find the order form. Send your child to school with confirmation of payment and we will give them their recorder.


Thank you so much,

Joanna King and Patience Jones

 WE BPE so much!


We need your donation in order to fund teacher appreciation events, continuing

education programs, campus improvements (like our beautiful new front yard),

and countless events and memorable activities for our students!

Any amount is appreciated! Please make a donation today!



Thank YOU 2018-2019 Booster Club donors!!!



The Bale Family * The Bozic Family * The Bundy Family * The Burt Group *

The Bunker Family * The Galatzan Family * The Howry Family * Lisa & Mark Jennings *

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Jessica Sentz & George Biros * The Sinclair Family * The Slover Family



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The Cardwell Family * The Cleveland Family * The Conklin Family * The Cuellar Family * D’Angelo/ Whitsett Family * Cody and Melissa Daniel * The Dunlop Family * The Fan Family * Shannon and Ryan Gustafson * The Heisner Family * Byron & Angie Holt *

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* The Leahy Family * Tyler and Madeline Lindley* The McIlhaney Family * The Mills Family *

The Morgan Family * The Nims Family * The Palacios Navarro Family * The Patek Family

* The Paulsen Family * The Peden Family * The Preston Family * R & D * The Revay Family * The Rumi Family * The Sewell Family * The Shaw Family * The Stewart Family *

Alexis & Peter Stokes * The Sweeny Family * The Talley Family * Allison & Ryan Thompson * The Touchet Family * David & Elizabeth Wardlaw * The Weitz Family * Weldon Family *

Kim & David Whittlesey * The Wortham Family * The Ziemann Family



Caryn and John Abraham * John & Melissa Abraham * The Adams Family * The Adams Family * The Alcedo Family * The Aldred Family * The Allen Family * The Avera Family *

Kelly & Collin Baker * Paige and Peyton Baker * Robin Banister * The Bellm Family *

The Berry Family * The Beuck Family * The Black Family * The Bluestein Family *

Boenig Family * The Borichevsky Family * The Borja Family * The Briggs Family *

Heather Brown *The Burns Family * The Butler Family * The Cassana Family *

The Casaubon Family * The Collins Family * The Cossey Family * The Creixell Family *

The Dahlberg Family *Janice & Clark Davis * The Deitrick Family * DeRaffele Family *

The Dlutowski Family * The Dollar Family * The Doran Family * The Dossani Family *  

The Dunbar Family *Elenes Anfosso Family * Birdie Erwin * The Ewart Family *

The Fagan Family * Mona and Jonathan Faulkner * The Feiner Family * Findlay Family *

The Foley Family * The Fonk Family * The Francis Family * The Fuller Family *

Alex Fundamenski *The Gill / Fielding Family * The Glasgow Family * Hudson Goodrum *

Scott and Jennifer Griffin * Grigoryev * Brian Guerra * The Guth Family * Vikki Harper *

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The Hymel Family * The Jarrett Family * The Jeffers Family * The Jones Family *

The Jones Family * The Joseph Family * The Karha/Mahadevan Family * The Kaufman Family * The Kerr Family * The Kessler Family * Mysha Khan * Amber & Geoff Kolander *

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The Mamelak Family * Jeff and Kathryn Markey * The Marks Family * The McMillin Family * The Meghana Family * The Molinare Family * The Moores * The Moroz Family *

The Munford Family * The Munshi Family * The Narvaez Family * Shelley & Erik Nelson *

The Nieto Family * The Nokes Family * The Northridges * The Oehler Family *

The O'Hara Family * The Ovsi Family * The Pacheco Family *  The Park Family *

The Patranella Family * The Petrini Family * The Pettiss Family * Marlexa & Gene Phillips * The Phillips Family * The Phillips Family * Addison and Hunter Pierce * The Pluymen Family *

Karin Powdermaker & Nick Cabat * The Powers Family * The Prakash Family *

The Prince Family * Ashley & Matt Richter * The Riley Family * The Roberson Family *

The Roos Family * The Roth Family * The Rutley-Kreis Family * Margaret Sampson *

The Salemie Family * The Sanchez Family * The Scott Family * The Scroggie Family *

The Seshadri Family * The Shepler Family * The Shumate Family * The Silva Family *

The Skinner Family * Shelby & Scott Slayton * Ashley Smith * The Smith Family *

Elizabeth & Greg Smith * The Snyder Family * The Solodky Family * The Srinivasan Family * The Storer Family * The Subramanian Family * The Suter Family * The Tapp Family *

Sophia Telesco * Jayme & Michael Tirres * The Ton Family * The Townsend Family *

The Utkov Family * Luke, Sophia & Zoey Watkins * Robin & Mark Wiprud * The Withers Family *The Woodruff Family * The Yang Family * The Yokubaitis Family * The Zidar Family



Order your 2018-19 yearbook today! We are using Josten's as our yearbook provider again this year so please use the link below to complete your order.  (Note this is not a Booster Club website purchase).  


Order here: http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A01078744


Questions?  Please contact Anna Joseph or Natalie Lauryssen




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