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We have a Teacher Appreciation treat every month in addition to the various supplies (hand sanitizer, PPE, classroom needs and more) that we continue to fund each week! 



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We encourage new families to join the ‘BPE New Family Connection’ facebook group!

 Our New Family Ambassador Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Aronson and Amanda Bullock, are leading the group, and will be monitoring and responding to BPE questions!




 Kindergarten and New Families!


All families must register for this website, the BPE Booster Club Connection ( It is critical for life at the school.  It is the ONLY way your room parents will be able to access your email to inform you of classroom events. It is also used for many purposes like volunteer sign ups, school supply purchases, weekly newsletters, etc. Click here to get started or the Registration button below. 



The Eanes enrollment / Skyward system is completely independent.  This is an additional registration and related only to the Bridge Point Booster Club. 




Questions?  Contact Jayme Tirres


                                                ***Please update your Booster Club account with this information. 
  • Follow this link and you will be directed to Step 2 of the Family Profile to select the teacher. 
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page once you are done. 
  • After saving the teacher, you can view the online Directory and sort by teacher to see who else is in your student's class!
  • You will be able to sign up for volunteer assignments for your class beginning at 10 am on Monday, September 21st.

Questions?  Contact Jayme Tirres



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Mark and Lisa Jennings
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Duthie Family
Kapono Family

Mamelak Family
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Mullen Family

Shaukat Family
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Shiflet Family
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Traff Family
Vije Family
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Adams Family
Aghamalian Family
Alexis & Peter Stokes
Aronson Family
Blackbird Family
Boenig Family

Borichevsky Family
Brian and Tara Hardy
Bullock Family

Catherine and Wan Kim
Cleveland Family

Collin Baker Family
Dell'Osso Family
Dunlop Family
Fearday Family
Fear Family
Foles Family
Galatzan Family
Glasgow Family
Goldberg Family
Jamie & Adam Lipp
Jarrett Family
John Duffy and Stephanie Stokes
Maverick Herman
McTyre Family

Morris Family
Norman Risinger
Park Family
Patek Family
Paulsen Family
Peden Family
Price Family
Quale Family
Quinn Family
Rich Family
Roos Family
Rutley-Kreis Family
Sahely Family
Satterwhite Family
Schreiner Family

Sun Family
Talley Family
Upadrashta Family
Wheelock/Guerra Family

Abraham Family

Aimard Family
Akhlaghi Family
Aldred Family
Alexander Family
Alward Sanchez
Amy and Naomi Lin
Anselmo Family
Bain Family
Befroy Family
Bellm Family
Beuck Family
Blackbird Family
Bluestein Family
Borja Family
BPE Strong
Brew Family
Brown Family
Bryan Family
Bunker Family
Burns Family
Butler Family
Byron and Angie Holt
Canfield Family
Carrell Family
Christoffel Family
Claire Root
Clint & Ashley Smith
Creixell Family
Dahlberg Family
Dharia Family
Ditto family
Dlutowski Family
Dollar Family
Dossani family
Dunbar Family
Ehlan Alikhan
Eileen Wilson
Findlay Family
Freeman Family
Fundamenski Family
Geoff Kolander
Grant/Bellow Family
Hangartner Family

Hamric Family
Helmcamp Family
Hicks Family
Hudson Family
J.Smith Family
Jacquelyn and Jordan Johnson
Jeffrey Jones Family
John & Rebecca Maberry
Johnson Family
Juhana Karha & Mahadevan
Kasian Family
Kelley Family

Kopotic Family
Kreml Family
Kristin Grochowalski
Kull Family
Langevin Family

LeClair Family
Lipska Family
Lu Family

Maeng family
Marc & Amber Alcedo
Marks Family

Mcclellan Family
McMillin Family
Mills Family
Michelle and David Ewart

Money Family
Muehl Family
Munshi Family
Narita family
Nate Lesperance
Nick Cabat & Karin Powdermaker
Nguyen Family
Nokes Family
Ogilby Family
Page Family
Parekh Marshall Family
Pars Esiner
Patranella Family
Penny Family
Petrini Family
Powers Family
Prakash Family

Radbil Family
Ran Family
Rapp Family

Reyes Family
Robin Banister
Rogers Family
Ross Family
Rowland Family

Salemie Family
Santilli Family
Schueppert Family
Scott Family
Scott and Alix Kautz
Sepulveda Family
Seshadri and Family

Shanteau Family
Shaw Family
Shepherd Family
Shumate Family
Sloan Family
Smith Family
Stevens Family
Storer Family
Suffel Family
Syvokonenko Family
Tapp Family
Thatcher Family

Tirres Family
Ton Family
Touchet Family

Townsend Family
Trull Family
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Weitz Family
Will and Michelle Yokubaitis
Withers Family
Wortham Family
Yang Family

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